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Jordan Taylor Pottery 
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     I began gathering materials for the wood fired kiln at Stony Meadow Pottery in the final year of my apprenticeship. While there were some minor purchases, (used kiln furniture, ceramic fiber insulation, pyrometer probes, mortar supply) my budget was fairly limited. The lion's share of of my scrounging came during a two week work camp in southern Ohio. With the help of some good friends as well as the staff at Cedar Heights Clay Co. in Oak Hill, OH I palletized over twenty tons of used firebrick. The brick are salvaged from old kilns used to fire firebrick- a high temperature endeavor indeed, so many of the brick at the site had been rendered unusable by exposure to extreme temperature. For every brick I was able to stack for use in my kiln approximately twenty had to be examined and discarded. All in all we picked up close to 80,000 brick to find the 4,000 brick I needed to build this kiln. Kiln construction began in April with excavation for and pouring of the frost footer.
      The cinder block foundation went up quite quickly from the poured footer despite having to cap the foundation on a slant to match the climb of the kiln from front to back. Construction suffered some delay- my then fiancée and I were simultaneously working to finish our house in time to move in before mid June and planning our wedding on June 15, 2002. We were able to erect the kiln shed in May and after a joyful mid June respite from heavy construction we began work in earnest on the kiln itself in July. I spent the month of August turning two tons worth of pots to fill the kiln for the first firing in September.

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