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Jordan Taylor Pottery 

I have moved to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where my family and I have bought ten acres and plan to build a house, studio and kilns. Please check back to follow my progress.

Spend some time listing phrases you hear regularly that involve the word “sense”. “Sense of style, humor, justice, eg. These are senses that reside deeper within us than the five sensory gateways that we use to navigate our physical world. As artists it is one of our responsibilities to engage the deeper senses using the five senses as our tools. A mug may be just a mug but every object has its story. Ask yourself over coffee how many senses your coffee ritual engages.

I specialize in large pieces up to four feet in height. In making utilitarian work suitable for use in your home or garden I draw on several premodern traditions for inspiration. While you may see threads of these traditions in my finished pieces, it is my focus on processing and using indigenous materials, and on firing my kiln with wood that most directly reflect my interest in what the past has to offer.

-Jordan Taylor 


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